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Affinity’s management personnel have had many years experience in the home care field and have earned the respect of many community organizations.

Paul Dzialo is the President/CEO of Affinity. After many years of sales and travel, Paul was introduced to the home care field in 1997 and has thoroughly enjoyed his career change. Paul has worked as a Vice President for a health care company that oversaw home care agencies, long term care facilities and assisted living facilities. Paul will readily tell you that he developed an immediate partiality to home care. Paul takes great pride in Affinity, its mission and its success. Paul refers to Affinity employees as his “daytime family” because of the fondness he feels for all of the people who work so diligently every day to strive to provide the best and consistent care possible.

The Executive Director of Affinity is Elizabeth Maxwell. “Betty” has been an RN for over 30 years and has been in community nursing for over 20 years. The 20 years encompasses experience within a state home care agency, a private home care company and as an executive director of an assisted living facility. Betty is a working director in that, beyond her administrative duties, she continues to enjoy periodic field visits to meet our clients and observe first hand the work that our field employees provide. Betty provides much of the in-service training within the agency which allows her to keep close contact to the many home care aides Affinity employs.

Affinity is also proud to present our Personnel Manager, Keith Dzialo.

Keith joined Affinity in 2003 after a career in law enforcement. Although this was quite a change, Keith felt it was a good fit because of the interactions he had as a police officer in dealing with people. In Keith’s position, he has a multitude of tasks since the employee base of Affinity carries many responsibilities and contacts. He enjoys interviewing all potential employees and following them through as they enter the “Affinity family”.